200-Hour Teacher Training

The teacher training programs are designed to be affordable and flexible. 



Part I: January 24 – February 1    or    June 20  – 28

Part 2: June 30 – July 12


Part I and Part 2:  MAY 9 – 31

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Trainees completed Aspects of Yoga School (RYS®) training program are eligible to apply to register as Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT®200) with Yoga Alliance.

Yoga is a recognized preventive and alternative healing tool. In the yogic sense yoga facilitates self-reflection and the discovery of the self at all levels -body, mind and soul. The beauty of yoga is that it is an effective method that works.

Focus and approach:                                   The ‘Aspects of Yoga’ Teacher Training approach is to train and equip the aspirant yoga teacher with the knowledge and techniques that will enable them to teach skillfully and safely with compassion and integrity. The idea and focus of the school is to promote a high standard of yoga teaching and ethical values with an emphasis on teaching according to individual needs. And most importantly to instill in the teacher, so they will pass onto the student, the beauty and effectiveness of yoga.

Emphasis of Training      Methodology and teaching techniques will enable you to:
- Plan, prepare and present a class
- Learn to see and understand your student’s areas of strengths and challenges.
- Teach with correct alignment and sequencing, so as not to stress the knees, back, neck and nervous system
- Observe classes in progress
- Recognize and correct improper postures
- Assist the teacher

Physiology and anatomy are geared to the postures with emphasis on:
- Safety and alignment
- Understanding of movement and posture
- Individual approach

Philosophy Emphasizes:
- Ethics for yoga teachers
- Understanding the practical and psychological aspect of it
- How to bring and apply yoga philosophy to daily life
- Personal development

The training will incorporate multiple styles, and be inspired by therapeutic yoga.

Teachers: Monika Munzinger ERYT500

Assessments: Students are expected to undertake independent study, practice and reading. Presentations, teaching and observing classes, assisting the teacher and report writing are included as part of the curriculum.

We assess the applications, 6 weeks prior to course commencement based on the following criteria:

  • 2  references
  • at least 1 year of regular yoga practice

Be advised that you will be required to submit written assignments before the course commences. The course therefore “starts” earlier than the above dates.

Completion: On successfully completing the curriculum you will be presented with a certificate of completion from the course director from ‘Aspects of Yoga’. You are then eligible to register as Registered Yoga Teachers with Yoga Alliance.